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Österreich Spiegel

The newspaper for German lessons

Authentic news, prepared for your level

Österreich Spiegel is the newspaper for everyone who wants to learn German and keep an eye on current events in Austria. It contains authentic articles from the Austrian media landscape with suitable exercises for different levels.

From basic exercises at A1 level to complex C2 tasks – in Österreich Spiegel, you will find the right material:

  • Authentic articles from different Austrian media
  • Audio reports on exciting topics such as the economy, education, culture, integration and coexistence, society or sport.
  • a supplement with various language exercises (including solutions)
  • One main topic each, which is dealt with in depth
  • Special texts for beginners and young readers

Whether as learning material in a German course, for self-study at home or for reading in German: Österreich Spiegel is versatile. And for all levels: The exercises are marked according to level of difficulty and can help you to improve your German skills and prepare for the following exams: ÖSD A1 – C2 and ÖIF exams.

Interested? Here you can receive the 100th issue of Österreich Spiegel for free.

Österreich Spiegel: Trial articles and exercises

Under the following links, you can download some articles and exercises from previous issues of Österreich Spiegel free of charge.

Our learning platform says SERVUS

Would you like to work on your German skills outside of your course sessions? SERVUS, the digital learning platform of the Österreich Institut, offers additional information and compact e-learning. Free of charge for all course participants.

Learning via App & Co.

Learning German made easy: Together with our EU cooperation partners, we have developed digital learning content with which you can playfully improve your German skills. Anywhere and anytime.