Are you a new customer with us and have already learned German? Or would you like to find out the optimum language level for your course? Take part in our free placement test.

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The right course for your level

It is important to find the right course for your current level of German. That’s why we offer you the option of a placement test to ensure that the course is not too demanding or too easy for you. You start your learning journey directly at the level that is best for you and improve your skills efficiently. The placement test is written and oral.

Go to our course catalogue and register for the placement test at your chosen Österreich Institut in just a few steps. You will then be redirected to our learning platform where you can take the appropriate test. After the written test, we will contact you to arrange a meeting with our methodologist (online or by phone). Both steps can be carried out quickly and conveniently from home. The placement test is completely free of charge.

Get ready to start your learning journey with us. Use the placement test to optimise your educational path and develop your full potential!

What do the levels
A1, A2, B1, B2, C1 and C2 mean?

A1, A2, B1, B2, C1 and C2 are the language levels according to the Common European Framework of Reference (CEFR). This framework can be applied to all EU languages and makes language competences comparable throughout the EU. It distinguishes between 3 groups of use, each with 2 levels:
  • Elementary language use (levels A1 and A2)
  • Independent language use (levels B1 and B2)
  • Expert language use (levels C1 and C2)

A1 and A2 are levels for beginners and cover the basics of the German language, e.g., introducing yourself, describing your family or going shopping.

B1 is the first level with an lower intermediate level. Everyday conversations are no longer a problem at this level. With B2, you can go quite far in a professional context and discuss more complex topics.

Level C1 describes expert language skills, with which you can follow even longer debates on complex topics with confidence. At the top of the CEFR scale is level C2. If you are at this level, you can use a language effortlessly in any situation and are very close to native speaker proficiency.

Learn German - level A1

Ideal for beginners. Learn the basics of the German language.

Learn German - level A2

Have you already mastered the basics? Then it’s time to expand your knowledge.

Learn German - level B1

For those who enjoy communicating with native speakers about everyday matters, Level B1 offers the necessary skills.

Learn German - level B2

For those who want to communicate spontaneously and fluently. It will help you feel confident in conversations with native speakers at university or at work.

Learn German - level C1

For those who already know German well enough to use in a job or in training, but are sometimes still out of their depth. Refine your knowledge.

Learn German - level C2

German for experts. Take the last steps towards native speaker level.

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