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The Österreich Institut’s Quality Standards:
Your path to learning success

For decades, the Österreich Institut has stood for German courses at the highest level. To ensure the high quality of our courses and the best possible learning experience, we have developed our very own quality standards.

Our mission:
your learning success

Whether you are a beginner or an advanced learner, your personal learning success is our top priority. To help you achieve your personal and professional language goals as quickly as possible, we focus on varied learning units and state-of-the-art teaching methods that put the joy of learning at the forefront. All standard German courses are conducted as individual courses or in small groups of up to 12 participants so that we can provide you with targeted support and maximise your learning progress.

Our range of courses:
Diverse and practice-oriented

From standard courses for adults and children to tailor-made German courses for businesses and specialised language courses, our ever-expanding range offers the right course for every age and target group. So whether you prefer to learn from home or prefer face-to-face contact, with the choice of online or face-to-face lessons and access to our digital learning platform Österreich Institut SERVUS, you have the flexibility you need to tailor your language learning to your precise needs.

Our aim:
Joy, not nit-picking

You don’t need to be afraid of making mistakes in grammar, spelling or pronunciation with us. We focus on a stress-free learning atmosphere in which curiosity and communication take centre stage. Because we know: The more comfortable course participants feel, the faster and more sustainably they learn a language and the more confidently they can use it. Communicative and cultural exchange outside the classroom are also important to us. That’s why events are held regularly at our institutes to stimulate, inspire and invite people to linger and enjoy themselves.

Our language experts:
Competence and commitment

With their unbridled commitment, innovative spirit and professional competence, our course instructors ensure that you not only succeed in learning German, but also have fun doing so. Our staff are absolute experts when it comes to conveying content in an exciting way and designing learning units that are full of variety. In addition, regular training as part of our continuing education programme for course instructors ensures that our entire team is always up to date in terms of pedagogy and instructional methods.

Innovative learning materials – for every learning type

All the books and materials we use in our German courses meet the latest learning standards and also take individual learning styles into account. In addition, we have developed our very own learning materials to make learning German even more effective: whether with our newspaper Österreich Spiegel, specialised language books, our own specially designed learning platform SERVUS or numerous learning apps and digital content.

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Our German courses: Simply excellent!

In order to guarantee the excellent quality of our German courses at each institute, we have designed uniform curricula – from A1 to C2. Our pursuit of excellence has not gone unrewarded: the Österreich Institut’s unique quality standards have been awarded the European Seal for Innovative Language Projects!