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SERVUS on the Österreich Institut’s learning platform

Continue learning when, how and where you want

our additional offering for your German course

It is important to us that our course participants can also work continuously on their learning success outside of their German courses. That is why we have developed our own learning platform SERVUS. The platform is a free additional offering for course participants and enables them to continue learning independently, at any time or place. Access to the platform is included in every course package.


On the Österreich Institut’s digital learning platform, you will find further information about your course. We offer expanded content for all levels, from A1 to expert level. In compact e-learning modules, you can revise the lessons from the course and expand your knowledge independently. If you have questions about the content or individual issues, you can also contact your course instructor directly and easily via the learning platform.

SERVUS: Overview and functions

After logging in, you will receive an overview of your courses and content on the homepage.


The learning platform is easily accessible via the Österreich Institut website. All you need to get started is a computer or smartphone and a stable internet connection.

Course offerings

You would like to improve your German language skills and are still looking for the right course? The Österreich Institut offers German courses for all levels and requirements. From the basic A1 course to technical language courses or German for companies.

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