Jesteś nowym klientem, ale uczyłeś się już języka niemieckiego? Koniecznie wypełnij nasz bezpłatny test poziomujący, abyśmy mogli przyporządkować Cię do właściwej grupy.

do testu kwalifikacyjnego


Thank you for choosing an online course in Österreich Institut. Your success in mastering the German language is as important for us as it is for you, so please follow the recommendations that will be useful in achieving the goals at a given level.

You need a camera, a microphone and a good Internet connection for the online course.

We work on Zoom platform, which is very easy to install (follow the instruction provided by our office). The cameras are always on during the classes. This makes running classes and communicating easy and convenient. Talking to black rectangles on the screen in not so nice  🙂 

Use only a PC or a laptop during the classes.

Use a mobile phone only in emergency situations. Learning on a mobile is much less effective and often causes trouble. 

Zoom Platform offers lots of opportunities that your teacher will be using.

In so-called “break out” rooms you work with classmates, often without the teacher. Use this form of work actively, as it is part of the learning process helping a student to make progress.  

Servus Platform

Every student of the Österreich Institut has access to Servus online platform, where they can find all additional educational materials and information concerning their course. You can also get in touch with your teacher and classmates here.

Coursebooks are also important in online courses, you can buy them cheaply at the Institute.

If you prefer, we can ship them. This service costs PLN 25. Send an email to our office, give us the delivery address, make a bank transfer and we will immediately order a courier service 😉

Your teacher accompanies and supports you on your way.

However, you have to take your part of responsibility. Good attendance, active participation, time dedicated to learning outside the course and homework assigned and corrected by the teacher. All that is essential in successful studying.

Your attendance will be included on the certificate, which you will receive at the end of the semester.

Please, do not be late for classes. 

Your opinion is very important for us, that’s why in the middle of the course we are going to ask your for evaluation of the classes. It helps us develop.  

Once a month you are able to join a free webinar.
These are meetings on various topics run by native speakers. You will certainly find something for yourself.

Every course finishes with compulsory final test.

This is your ‘pass’ to the next course level. Online testing requires students to write the test themselves. It only makes sense when the score reflects the effects of your own work. In this way you will learn how much progress you have made and if you have achieved the goals of the course.  

If you cannot take a final exam, you will be able to take it on an additional day. This term will be paid extra. Your teacher will provide you with all the details.

After taking a test you will receive the certificate.

Your knowledge level, your test mark and your attendance will be specified  on the certificate. You can order the certificate online in our office. It is the proof of your knowledge of German and can be useful in a lot of situations.